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The perfect solution for individuals or workgroups that need ready-to-use offices. Both private and semi-private offices are available: it’s your choice.


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Don’t Miss These Fall Festivals in Northern California

We are so lucky to live and work in such a beautiful part of the world. Northern California is stunning during the fall season and...

September 12 - 2022

Faces of Business Workspaces with Gina Reid of Gina Reid LCSW

Michigan native, Gina Reid is the owner and therapist at Gina Reid LCSW where she serves as a mental health worker. She is a bookworm...

August 24 - 2022

Action Ignites Inspiration: Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Need a Boost

We’ve all been there, spending endless hours working at a desk in front of a computer screen or as a road warrior, traveling from one...

August 12 - 2022

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