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The perfect solution for individuals or workgroups that need ready-to-use offices. Both private and semi-private offices are available: it’s your choice.


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The Future of the 40 Hour Work Week

What will the future bring? We find ourselves asking this question often, but there’s rarely an answer. Still, that doesn’t stop people from speculating. So...

May 12 - 2021

How to Feel Safe Meeting in Person Again

Virtual meetings serve their purpose, but they do leave something to be desired. Sometimes, there’s just no substitute for the real deal. In-person meetings allow...

April 29 - 2021

Faces of El Dorado Hills with Sharia Brooks

At Business Workspaces, we love to be able to get to know not only our members, but our employees as well! We enjoy being able...

March 30 - 2021

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